The good news that Jesus brings is for everybody, including kids! 

Here at Grace Assembly we’re honored to be able to show and share Jesus to people of all ages.

We do this for children in a few ways:

Sunday Mornings:


Nursery: We have a volunteer-staffed nursery for children three and under during service, but little ones are just as welcome to remain with their parents.

Song Service: Everyone joins together during our song service to sing and celebrate God’s love and grace.

4-6 Year Olds: Before the sermon,  preschoolers to age six years old are dismissed to go to Sunday School. This is a time  of fun and learning through Bible stories and activities. 

7+ Year Olds: Kids seven and up are encouraged to join the grownups as we all learn to hear God’s voice through Scripture.  We know this can be a new experience for some kids, but wiggles are welcome, and we have coloring books available to help provide some diversion. 

Why do kids join us during Service?


As a church we’re convinced of two things:  First, that God’s work through preaching is powerful enough to impact young lives and second, that kids' ears are always on and pick up more than we think (or, as a parent, sometimes more than we want).


There is something powerful that can happen in the life of a child as they observe a parent, grandparent or important adult sing, pray, give and listen to a sermon.  And when they, from a young age, can participate as well it provides a foundation for lifelong commitment to Jesus and His Church.

Wednesday Night:

Wednesday evenings at 6:30 we have a program specifically designed for kids.  Loving and mature adults teach, pray and celebrate with our children.  Kids learn about God, scripture, missions and themselves and see how they are special people loved by an awesome God.