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Grace Childrens Church, Grace Kids Church

The good news that Jesus brings is for everybody, including kids! 

Here at Grace Assembly we’re honored to be able to show and share Jesus to people of all ages.

We do this for children in a few ways:

Sunday Mornings:




We have a volunteer-staffed nursery for newborns to toddlers during the service. Parents are welcome to stay with their kids if they like, but it is not necessary.

Kindergarten through Second Grade


When worship transitions from signing to the sermon we dismiss the younger kids to their own class. This is a time of learning and fun through Bible lessons, activities, and the joy of being with their friends.

(Parents are welcomed to join their kids if they are new or shy, but if the kids are comfortable, we are ready).

Third Grade and Up


Kids are welcomed and encouraged to join worship as we all engage God and Scripture through the sermon. We know this can be a new experience for some kids and families. We believe the church is a partner with parents in the discipleship of children and the shared experience of a Sunday sermon can prompt conversation, prayer, and growth – together. 


Wiggles are welcome and we have coloring books and crayons available to keep hands busy. And do not worry, kids hate being bored, so they are listening, and God is working…

Why do kids join us during Service?


Scripture teaches that parents are the primary agents of spiritual formation for their kids (Deut. 6.4-9) and that the church is an important, but junior partner in that process. There is something powerful that can happen in the life of a child as they observe parents, grandparents, and other important adults in their life as they sing, pray, give, and engage sermons in their own relationship with Jesus. It provides a model and context for worship and following Christ that can last their whole lives. And the family conversations and prayers that can arise out of a shared worship experience can help families grow in grace, together. 


We are not naïve. Kids of all ages (I am thinking of you, dads) sitting together for half an hour can be challenging; wiggles and distractions are part of the package. That is not new, even the disciples thought the kids should be kept apart until Jesus set them straight (Matt. 19.13-15). We are aware of the challenges but believe the payoff is worth it.


So, grab an activity book. Find ‘church grandparent. Bring out the goldfish crackers. We are eager to provide a place where families can be together for a while, worshiping and growing in Jesus.


Wednesday Night:

Wednesday evenings at 6:30 we have a program specifically designed for kids.  Loving and mature adults teach, pray and celebrate with our children.  Kids learn about God, scripture, missions and themselves and see how they are special people loved by an awesome God.

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